Become a MILA Clothing Ambassador!

Here at Mila, we are all about people.

Creating and celebrating meaningful connections, commemorating those special moments and giving to the people we love for no other reason than to show we care.

We inspire our community to celebrate the day to day, express their individuality and gift from the heart.

How does it work

Content Creators...

If you're a content creator and you love our personalised items, becoming an Ambassador would mean receiving a discount code to gift to your followers and receiving rewards including discounts, commission and freebies for all of the sales using that code.

Or if you have purchased from us...

If you are a already a customer, love our personalised items and would like to recommend us.

We can get you set up straight away as an ambassador. With your own code so you can get your friends, family and followers a discount. AND any items purchased using that code will earn you discounts and freebies too!

What's not to love.

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